Branding intelligence®

With the Branding Intelligence® brand we wanted to qualify our strategic consulting path, well-articulated and in-depth, which includes a mix of integrated activities aimed at creating value brands capable of measuring themselves and emerging in competitive and dynamic markets. The goal of this path is to define a real brand strategy for client companies aimed at implementing the perceived values of the brand and acquiring maximum notoriety and leadership.

The consulting activity translates into three specific operational areas:

  • Brand coaching: meeting session with the owners and company management
  • Brand design: revision or creation of the brand identity.
  • Brand communication: application of the brand strategy in the creation, planning and management of Advertising, PR or Digital campaigns.

Advertising & visual communication®

For over thirty years we have been creating, developing and producing advertising campaigns, brand identities, AtL and BtL communication materials for BtC and BtB companies operating in national and international markets, supporting marketing managers in the optimal and integrated management of corporate communication.

Our services:

  • Classic advertising (TV, Radio, Press, Billboards)
  • Corporate and Brand identity
  • Naming, brands and logos
  • Brochures, leaflets and commercial materials
  • Packaging Design
  • Emotional Video
  • Exposition design


Creative PR

We design PR campaigns with a high creative and digital content characterized by a strong contamination and integration of offline and online strategies and tools, with the aim of creating storytelling of brands and companies of interest to all stakeholders, translated into new formats, useful for gain visibility, credibility and consensus.

Our services:

  • Public Relations
  • Media relations
  • Brand Journalism
  • Branded Podcast
  • Digital PR
  • International PR
  • Special events
  • Crisis Communication
  • LinkedIn Corporate

Press Office

We create appealing content for online and offline media newsrooms and journalists of different backgrounds and categories, with whom we maintain profitable relationships and share editorial projects when they are functional to the marketing objectives of client companies.

We have always adopted a strategic and analytical approach from which to define the guidelines of a Media Relations Policy capable of making the company a coherent and proactive interlocutor. We apply a successful methodology supported by an organization of the work of the Media Relators and governance of the entire supply chain, focused on obtaining the best media coverage, effective and measurable, and a consistent visibility to the positioning of brands/products, to the BtB markets and BtC, nationally and internationally.


  • Press Office Trade
  • Press Office Product
  • Press Office Corporate
  • Press Office International


We help the company to become a media company by generating useful, captivating and multimedia content that transforms it into an authoritative source in its sector for media and users.

Through the creation and coordination of an ad hoc editorial staff composed of journalists and experts, we constantly monitor the topics of the sector and select the most relevant to create stories of value that can generate user interest and brand awareness on general media.


  • brand magazine
  • podcast series
  • reportage and observers


Through a strategic alliance with Kore Events we are able to support companies in organizing events both in Italy and abroad.

Kore is a unique interlocutor for the company, able to coordinate all the actors involved in the event and offer original and innovative solutions by offering a physical or virtual “turnkey” event:


  • Conferences
  • Conventions
  • Seminars
  • road show
  • virtual events
  • incentive and team building
  • Company Parties


Social Branding

We develop multi-channel and measurable online communication strategies to create value around the Brand.

We help brands to transform themselves into the preferred interlocutor of their consumers through dynamic editorial plans and engaging and interactive digital campaigns.

We place the user at the center of the conversation, overseeing every phase of his “customer journey”.


  • Content marketing for social media, blogs and podcasts
  • Digital Campaign (video, native, contest, drive to store)
  • Community management
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Social Listening
  • Online survey
  • LinkedIn Marketing
  • Chatbot Experience
  • Fidelity Program (digital clubs)

Web Intelligence

We design diversified and measurable web strategies to attract qualified users to the company website and turn them into business opportunities. We work by analyzing the smart data useful for generating quality traffic from search engines and corporate social channels and we implement lead generation techniques to improve the conversion rate of the manned web channels.


  • Lead Generation Strategy
  • Web Analytics
  • SEO analysis and website optimization
  • Website creation
  • Email Marketing
  • LinkedIn 4 Business


CSR Communication

We offer our competence and know-how as communication professionals to companies involved in CSR by identifying the correct channels and methods of dialogue and promotion of large projects or individual actions implemented in compliance with environmental, social and related issues of internal and external stakeholders. We adopt a precise analytical and strategic process to arrive at defining the suitable tools, campaigns and materials, capable of generating credibility and trust on the part of public opinion.


  • Initial assessment
  • Identification of the actions to be implemented
  • Strategy and naming and brand identity creation of the project
  • Creation of supporting communication materials
  • Creation of the dedicated communication plan

Employer Branding

We design campaigns and internal loyalty tools capable of increasing the spirit of belonging on the part of the entire corporate community and favoring the acquisition of a style and a language consistent with the brand strategy.

We create opportunities for visibility and increase in the perceived value of the company with the aim of being attractive to talented figures and of inspiration for professional careers with a high content of modernity and innovation.


  • Initial assessment
  • Brand strategy analysis
  • Strategy and naming and brand identity creation of the project
  • Creation of supporting communication materials
  • Creation of internal communication and/or recruitment campaigns